Where to get Visakhapatnam’s famous sweets?

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Best Sweet Shops in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is a land of many treasures and one of them is surely the sweets here, one mustn’t miss indulging here.

Sweets after a meal, sometimes before a meal or as a midnight snack are almost always too difficult to resist. And in Visakhapatnam, the scene is no different. Irrespective of which community they hail from, sweets are an intrinsic part of an elaborate menu. With a pleasant mix of communities in our city, there is a delectable choice of sweets to pick and choose from. Indulge and tantalize your senses with the best in Visakhapatnam you do not want to miss.

Sweet India


What? #1 Rasgulla

This soft, succulent chenna (cottage cheese) based milk sweet is cooked in a light sugar syrup. Luscious rasgullas are served chilled at Sweet India.

What? #2 Dilkushar

This famed of Rajasthani sweets, also known as Chakki Churma, is a divine mix of moong dal, desi ghee, and sugar. It is the go-to for special occasions.

Siva Rama Sweets


What? #1 Kalakand

A sinfully luscious sweet made with milk, cottage cheese and ghee, Kalakand comes in two variants, brown and white. A hot favourite for almost every festival, the demand for the sweet never goes down. The brown Kalakand is more popular than its white counterpart in Visakhapatnam.


What? #2 Kova Kajjikai

A popular traditional sweet dish in Andhra, the Kova Kajjikai is in high demand during festivals. This pure ghee sweet has an outer crisp layer of maida and succulent Kova stuffing within.

Laddu Gopal

What? #1 Motichoor Laddu

Image Credits- Women Planet

The classic sweet that featured prominently in the Sridevi flick, English Vinglish, is made with miniature ghee-fried besan boondi, simmered in sugar syrup. This rich and delicious sweet is loved and enjoyed by all age groups.


What? #2 Badaam beauty

This baked delight is both a treat to the eyes and the palate. With petals made from roasted almond, honey and combination of dry fruits like anjeer work as the binding agents to keep the flower in place.

Gruha Lakshmi


What? #1 Pootharekulu

With its unique appearance of folded paper, the “Paper Sweet” or Pootharekulu is a traditional sweet from East Godavari. Gruhalakshmi has 4 varieties of Pootharekulu, with the jaggery and dry fruit poothareku being the most preferred one.


What? #2 Nuvulla-Pappu Vundalu

These delectable laddus are made from sesame seeds and jaggery. Available in both, hard and soft variants, these are not just rich in taste but rich in calcium and iron too.

Chandu Sweets


What? #1 Chum Chum

A popular cousin of the rasgulla, Chum Chums often feature in the festivities of Dusshera and Diwali. Moist and juicy, the sweet is made with milk and cottage cheese, soaked in sugar syrup and garnished with coconut flakes.


What? #2 Ice Cream Barfi

Lusciously soft, rich and creamy, the Ice cream burfi is a crowd appeasing favourite. Made with milk, vanilla ice-cream powder and sugar. Garnished with pistachio nuts, it is a lovely treat.

Honey Dew, Daspalla


What? #1 Cashew Rolls

A delicious roll of ground pistachios, sugar syrup and ghee cocooned in a similar roll of ground cashew dough make up for this sweet delight. Delicate, delicious and mildly sweet, these rolls are divine.


What? #2 Rasmalai

This creamy Bengali delicacy is a hit with sweet lovers. Flattened balls of chenna cooked in sugar syrup and dunked in sweet condensed milk make up this heavenly delight.



What? #1 Anjeer Roll

Rich flavours of anjeer complement the pista, badaam and kaju fillings that make up the anjeer roll. This is one of the sweets that looks as good as it tastes.


What? #2 Bobbatlu

A traditional sweet is definitely not for the calorie conscious, it tastes best served warm with a healthy dollop of ghee. Made of chana dal, maida and jaggery, Gruhapriya it healthy and sinfully tasty.

Bon Appetit!!

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