Visakhapatnam and the enduring problems of parking and traffic

Parking and traffic
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Visakhapatnam is progressing fast on the road of a ‘Smart City’ but for its people parking and traffic become enduring issues for everyday life.

As the governing bodies of the State and City of Visakhapatnam promote the city as the futuristic ‘Smart City’, problems like parking and traffic woes continue to linger on… Do we find a solution to this or accept it as ‘development’ like the metros did?

If driving on Visakhapatnam roads wasn’t bad enough, finding a suitable parking space is a nightmare come true and consequent traffic dilemmas. As cars jam into every possible inch of space on either side of the road, people often have to travel an extra mile or even more just to find a spot. This can be difficult for the vehicle owner and it is worse for all those who are forced to either navigate amongst haphazardly parked vehicles or risk walking on the road itself. This besides the choke points of traffic that happen through this.

Many residential complexes do not have a visitor’s car parking space and consequently visitors are forced to park outside on the road. With meager spaces provided in buildings with restaurants and malls the roads become chock-a-block with parked vehicles. Last and definitely not least are the woes of the traffic policemen, who are held responsible for the chaos that erupts on the road and maddening traffic jams. While major ‘no parking’ zones along major roads have been earmarked, with a lack of proper spaces, many people continue to park on either side of the road, often right under the ubiquitous ‘no-parking’ signs. Here are some tips that may be of help.


#1 Preferably opt for a  mall or store that offers parking space or at least provides valet parking facilities.

#2 Better yet, use  public transport. It eliminates the need for parking.

#3 Plan ahead and give yourself ten minutes to find  a suitable slot.

#4 Go in for car pooling, not only does it reduce parking pressure, it’s great for the pocket too.

#5 Avoid rush hour travel, as that’s when the parking is heavy too. Know the zones where it isn’t allowed and find out areas where you can park instead.

#5 Use a app. While Vizag is still to get a real-time parking app, an app launched by GVMC shows a list of the places where space is available in the city.

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