Visakhapatnam Airport sets an example for airports in South India

Visakhapatnam Airport, press note
Vizag Airport

Visakhapatnam Airport turns disabled friendly and sets an example for airports in South India.

Taking a step towards better enabled facilities for the disabled, Visakhapatnam Airport is introducing tactile paving to make navigation easier for visually challenged persons. It is set to be opened on January 26th and Visakhapatnam Airport will be the first in South India to do so. Now those with difficulty in negotiating the route for entry and exit, the paving from pick up and drop off points to the interaction counter will be made tactile in a way as to aid easier access and use.

Tactile Paving

The pavement will have a pattern built into it to indicate places and directions for taking a safe route ahead with markers for turns ahead. The 75 meters long paving will cost Rs. 4 lakhs. A superb initiative by Visakhapatnam Airport, they are taking inputs from the local schools and institutions for the blind. Convenience, applicability and execution are being done with valuable information from these places. Before being opened for public, the school authorities will have a trial demonstration of functioning on January 25th.

A more user friendly site for those differently abled is a desirable thing at public places and one that speaks of a humane society. Being able to negotiate without seeking help and assistance goes a long way is giving them a sense of independence and achievement.

Tactile paving at much needed places such as Airports, Bus stops, Hospitals etc not just in the city and South India but India as a whole are very much necessary. Not just the safe route and turns but also warning blocks and cautions are built in for enabling confident passage of the visually challenged.

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