Visakhapatnam Airport reaches out to passengers, activates Twitter handle

vizag airport
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Visakhapatnam Airport will now take to their Twitter handle to reach out to passengers and revive what is now a dormant presence on the social media.

In an age when fast communication from passengers and grievance redress are taking center stage, any airport can hardly afford not to. Visakhapatnam airport is now looking to revive their existing Twitter handle which is all but dormant. Their Twitter handle is, @aaivspairport. It has been initiated for public, passengers to use it since 2016 but there is hardly any activity on it. It is now the efforts of Visakhapatnam Airport authorities to activate it and enable people to voice their issues, requirements and grievances.

After their Air Sewa App and Watsapp outreach, the popular Twitter is also on the cards now. Its public popularity and quick reach will enable better service delivery and thats the aim behind reviving it. Visakhapatnam railway Station has quite a number of followers and the reach is good. passengers can post complaints and issues which get addressed soonest. Manpower issue for managing the Twitter handle is what dogs the airport. The recent rankings that have dropped to the lowest and customer feedback has motivated the authorities to engage the public better. Customer service must be paid attention to.

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