Two new airlines to start operations from Visakhapatnam airport

visakhapatnam airport
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The Andhra Pradesh Air Travellers Association (APATA) reported growth in the passenger and cargo traffic at Visakhapatnam airport. Also, it has been reported that two new airlines will soon start their operations from the city.

Two new Airlines Vistara and Go air will be starting operations in their summer schedule from Visakhapatnam. Vistara Airlines would be operating their flight to Delhi and Go Air to Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

“There is a 21.3% growth in the passenger traffic for the first three quarters for FY 2018-19. About  21.44 Lakhs passengers travelled from Visakhapatnam Airport from 1-4-2018 to 31-12-2018, whereas the passengers travelled during the corresponding period of the  FY 2017-18 is 18.09 Lakhs,” APATA said in a press release.

“There is a 17.5 %  growth in the domestic cargo handle through Vizag Airport in the FYi 2018-19.  Around 3833.53 tons of cargos handle for first three quarters in the FY year 2018-19 against 3260 tons handled during the corresponding period of 2017-18,” the press release further added.

Visakhapatnam airport also witnessed a 102.48% growth in the International cargo handle. Reportedly, around 3,81,347 kg of cargo was handled in the first three quarters in the FY 2018-19 as compared to the 1,88,337 kg of cargo that was handled during the corresponding period of 2017-18.

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