Air India flight scares passengers as first landing in Visakhapatnam goes wrong

air india
air india

Air India flight arriving at Visakhapatnam from Vijayawada fails to land in the first attempt and distressed passengers take fright.

The Air India mini aircraft has nearly 80 passengers on board and was incoming from Vijayawada. It took off from Vijayawada airport at 5 pm, was scheduled to land at 6 pm at Visakhapatnam. Among the passengers were Minister for Energy Kimidi Kala Venkata Rao and seven MLAs from Andhra Pradesh. This incident from yesterday evening is a second in recent events at Visakhapatnam that has given a scare.

The main difficulty that occurred in this incident is the bad condition of weather which has been prevailing since a few days on account of the marked depression over Bay of Bengal. Due to the adverse weather conditions the first landing of the aircraft became difficult. The pilot tried to land the aircraft to the best of his ability but as the landing gear touched the runway, the flight trembled for some time and passengers were thrown off balance. This resulted in a panic which led the pilot to take off instead and attempt landing again. The second attempt was successful and was done after half an hour of flying.

The reassurances of the pilot as well as the successful landing in the second attempt pacified the passengers who were caught in a panic attack during the distressful landing.

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