7 Experiences everyone had on Sankranti at CMR Central, Visakhapatnam

CMR Central Visakhapatnam
CMR Central Shopping Mall

Sankranti celebrations reached a fever pitch at CMR Central on Sunday with crowds from all over Visakhapatnam congregating for festivities.

cmr central, visakhapatnam

So many people, so many festivities, so much music and such celebrations. A lot of other places at Visakhapatnam Sankranti celebrations reached a high peak in town but with the massive crowd turn out at CMR Central, the experience was quite overwhelming. Here are some experiences everyone must have had if they visited CMR Central on Sunday.

#1 Long queues to enter the Shopping Mall

The crowds made sure, everybody couldn’t enter at once and long queues were there before the security checks. There were those trying to cut in without waiting for their turn and fights have broken out.

#2 Gangireddulu looking super smart and loving the attention.

Gangireddulu were all decked up in their finery and shaking heads as music played out loud. People have not spared them while clicking selfies and children were given offerings to them.

#3 Traditional tribal dancers matching beats with drums and shahnai

With full gusto the dancers of tribal and fusion kept temp to the beats as well as the celebratory mood of the crowd. No one was disappointed and everyone enjoyed a good show.

#4 Women decked up and men looking quite smart, all the while selfie fever on!!

But of course every one were at their newest and shiny best and men and women vied with each other for their Sankranti fashions. Why not? The selfie madness that had gripped the denizens of the shopping mall was astounding.

#5 Families out on a jaunt and children excited for small and big toys

Entire families spanning 2 or 3 generations were roaming the shopping mall hand in hand and eating, soft drinks and shopping was in order. Children were squealing with delight as they were caught up in the excitement.

#6 Haridasus and priests making the rounds inside and outside, minting money

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There are divergent opinions about this but it was roaring business for them, no doubt about it. This was because everyone wanted their share of blessing and a token payment is no big deal.

#7 Relative emptiness at KFC and McDonalds, people ordered in peace

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The non-veggies were sighted munching on goodies in relative peace as the action and fun were all in the lobby and outside.

All left happy but there was some discomfort too. But what is a little discomfort when its for Sankranti fun.

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