4 major concerns that have got us wondering if Vizag has started to lose its sheen

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4 major concerns that have got us wondering if Vizag has started to lose its sheen: Hailed as one of the more beautiful and peaceful cities in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is emerging as a prominent hub on several fronts. However, given the city’s relatively smaller span, the increasing population density and the surging number of industries have started placing the resources under serious strain. With multiple concerns being noted on a daily basis, an inevitable worry is beginning to creep into those who love this city and here are 4 major concerns that are raising the question, “Has Visakhapatnam started to lose its sheen?”

#1 Pollution

As mentioned previously, an increasing number of industries and a swelling vehicular density have turned into major contributors to air pollution in the city. While the pollutants from the industrial areas have been a concern for long, many vehicles emitting gases in unacceptable measures are worsening the state in the city. Sadly, the poor Air Quality Index in Visakhapatnam stands as a testimony to this very fact.

#2 Traffic Congestion

With the number of vehicles in the city on the rise, the lanes appear to be getting busier and cramped for room ever than before. While the upward trend of vehicle sales might be a reason for the issue, experts also cite improper regulatory systems as another cause.

#3 Parking Troubles

As cars jam into every possible inch of space on either side of the road, people often have to travel an extra mile or even more just to find a spot. And while this can be irksome for the vehicle owner, it is worse for all those who are forced to either navigate amongst haphazardly parked vehicles or risk walking on the road itself.

#4 Water Shortage

Levels of groundwater are decreasing and while GVMC does supply water for a stipulated time frame throughout the city, the gap between demand and supply is a growing one. Urbanisation, industrial/commercial demands and growing population that’s insensitive to issues are to blame.

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