Vijayawada: Kanaka Durga temple’s EO suspended over the allegations of ‘Tantric rituals’ being performed in the temple

Kanaka Durga Temple, vijayawada
Kanaka Durga Temple

In a shocking news that is raking up a major controversy in the state, Kanaka Durga temple’s EO, A Surya Kumari has been suspended over the allegations that unauthorized rituals were performed in the temple in Vijayawada.

A CCTV footage, which has been going viral on social media platforms, shows several individuals present in the temple after it was closed for the devotees. It has been alleged that the temple’s main priest, Badrinath Babu, along with several others performed ‘Tantric Puja’ to the goddess in Mahishasura Mardhini attire, which is known to be a fierce and an aggressive form of the goddess.

As per reports, Vijayawada Police Commissioner D Gautam Sawang met Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and informed him the same. The Chief Minister, who took the matter seriously, acted swiftly and suspended the temple’s EO. He also ordered the officials to gain further insights into the matter.

In their defense, the EO and the main priest have claimed that the temple was open for cleaning purposes in the view of President’s wife, Savita Kovind’s visit.

The issue has stirred up a major controversy in the state and numerous speculations are being made from different quarters. While some cited political motives, others claimed there were certain selfish business agendas behind the performance of these rituals.

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