Vijay Sai Reddy and VV Lakshmi Narayana engage in a heated Twitter exchange

vijay sai reddy lakshmi narayana

YSRCP leader Vijay Sai Reddy and Jana Sena Party Visakhapatnam MP candidate VV Lakshmi Narayana were involved in a heated exchange on Twitter recently. The tussle began with Reddy targetting Lakshmi Narayana in one of his tweets.

“They (Jana Sena Party) contested for 65 seats on their own. But Pawan Kalyan‘s close aide JD Lakshmi Narayana is predicting that Jana Sena Party will form the government by winning 88 seats. He even made up figures in the cases that he investigated. Is this also Chandrababu Naidu’s ‘briefing’?” Vijay Sai Reddy tweeted.

Responding to the YSRCP leader, Lakshmi Narayana wrote, “Respected Rajya Sabha member Vijay Sai Reddy, Jana Sena Party contested from 140 seats on its own strength. Our allies, BSP contested from 21 seats, CPI and CPM contested from 14 seats. This way, the Jana Sena alliance contested from 175 seats in total. Our calculations are accurate.”

“You studied CA. But still, we don’t understand how your calculations are going wrong. Correct your calculations. Many people found themselves in trouble owing to your wrong calculations. Try to correct them at least now,” the former CBI Joint Director added in his tweet.

Retaliating to these tweets from the JSP leader, Vijay Sai Reddy added a slew of tweets targetting Jana Sena Party and Telugu Desam Party. The YSRCP leader even called Lakshmi Narayana as the “Joint Director” of the two parties. The Jana Sena leader is yet to respond to the same.

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