The Global Fintech group exudes confidence in establishing Vizag as a fintech hub

vizag. global fintech group
Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, JA Chowdary with the members of The Global Fintech Group

The Global Fintech group, comprising of Fintech experts from different areas, interacted with the media on Monday. Present in the city for taking part in the Vizag Fintech Festival, the dignitaries detailed the prospects of fintech for Vizag and Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing the conference, Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, JA Chowdary, shared that the government had connected with fintech experts from all over the world to gain a better reach for the initiative. “We are working with fintech as the absolute focus area and have collaborated with stalwarts from renowned organisations in helping us achieve our goal of establishing Vizag as a major fintech valley,” Mr Chowdary said.

Sri Atluri, Lead of the Global Fintech Group, said that 22 members from six different countries had come together to do their bit in helping the growth in Andhra Pradesh. Explaining the importance of the technology, Mr Atluri said, “Events such as these will help in empowering Andhra Pradesh with global knowledge. Numerous companies would set up shop here, which in return, would contribute to the creation of job opportunities and bringing in a talent pool to the state.” He further added that the group is looking to follow the models of new startups across the globe and apply the same for the development of Andhra Pradesh.

The members of the Global Fintech Group opined that there is a huge potential for growth in Vizag. Mentioning that there is a chance for the execution of new exemplary models in the city, they exuded the confidence that significant results would soon be achieved and Vizag will serve as a hub for the creation of next-gen leaders, innovators and creators.

It was also informed that the fintech valley in Vizag is likely to create close to 6000 jobs in the coming few years.

About Fintech Valley Vizag

The Fintech Valley in Vizag is a self-sustainable global Fintech Ecosystem that focuses on converging finance and technology to create large avenues of growth through industry-enablers, world-class infrastructure, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Global financial services companies, government and academia come together in this valley to build capacity, infrastructure, market access, connectivity, funding channels, and incentive mechanisms to achieve unmatched business goals and successes. Start-ups, financial Institutions, technology vendors, incubators/accelerators/innovation labs, and investors simultaneously contribute to and thrive in this ecosystem at the speed of business.

The Vizag Fintech Festival 2018 is poised to be the nation’s largest Financial Technology event. The week-long event will take place from October 22nd-26th, in the city of Vizag, also known as India’s Fintech Valley. Hosting over 2000 attendees including decision makers and investors from the Global Fintech fraternity, the event is considered by the Indian Fintech community as the largest platform to explore opportunities, innovation and partnerships.

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