Students from Andhra University in Vizag suspended for practising ragging

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andhra university

In the latest, 13 students from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam have been suspended for practising ragging on junior students.

The juniors have joined in the university two months back and the administration has been taking stringent actions on ragging practices. However, some of the students belonging to the senior year forced the juniors to get some of their works done in the name of ragging. The juniors, in the initial period, succumbed to their orders but later started revolting. The issue has reached a peak level and a fight has been witnessed between the seniors and juniors on September 1.

The management, in view of the issue, has conducted an investigation to find out that ragging is the main reason behind the fight. They have identified a total number of 13 students who were mainly involved in ragging. While 6 of them were reported to be from BTech students, 3 of them are from Mtech and the remaining lot are from different integrated courses. After a brief meeting, the University’s administration has suspended 11 students from the hostel premises for a semester period.

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