Love eggs and muri-mixture? How about a combination of both!

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It is no new that Vizagites love food and the search for new eateries and dishes is constant {duhh}. So this time, we bring you a unique dish which is a fusion of eggs and muri-mixture. Yes, you read it right. This combination of eggs and muri-mixture is something that will not let you forget its amazing taste.


A snack stall near Kotak School, Chinna Waltair is giving its customers happy tears with its amazingly delicious egg muri-mixture and this dish is winning hearts. It is called ‘EGG SLICED MURI-MIXTURE’ and is good for health being easy to digest. Crunchy muri-mixture served over spiced and sliced boiled eggs is what one might need to deal with the hunger pangs.

The dash of lime and fresh coriander is what makes it more inviting and toothsome and this is coming from someone who is not at all an egg person. The freshness and the crunch in the dish is on the level which also comes with a tangy yummy taste.


Apart from the ‘egg’ mixture, this place also excels in making ‘aloo’ mixture and tomato bajji. So next time you pass from Chinna Waltair Main Road, make sure to stop by this food stall and enjoy this amazing fusion of boiled eggs and muri-mixture.

Wanna see how it is made? See the video below and get tempted. Bye 🙂

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