Meet Stangely Weirds, the hip hop dance crew from Visakhapatnam

Meet Stangely Weirds, the hip hop dance crew from Visakhapatnam

A hip hop dance crew from Visakhapatnam, Strangely Weirds is stealing its way into many hearts. Sudarshan, Co-Founder of the group, shares the story.

The story of Strangely Weirds, a hip-hop dance crew from Vizag, is one of struggle, determination, and passion. It all began with three teenage boys who were inspired by a 2013 dance reality show. A unique slow-motion dance style by one of the contestants on the show inspired them to get started and soon, these young boys were choreographing. Pulling together a few like-minded friends, a crew was formed, marking the start of their dance journey.

Story of the Past

The team grew to have 30 members that included many college graduates too. Starting out with roadshows, commercial events, and flash mobs, the dancers worked their way into the public. It wasn’t an easy road, and they lacked financial support from their families. This, however, didn’t stop them, and they would often travel with only a general ticket in hand. With event management companies not clearing their dues on time, the crew also saw many exits, and things were seeming to fall apart.

At such a time too, it was their different dance styles that worked to their advantage, and they decided to take a bigger leap. Heading either to Delhi or Mumbai for formal training, the group of 12 members, soon evolved to become a team of professionals in hip hop.

Current Scenario

Trained in various styles of hip hop i.e. krumping, locking and popping, over time, they associated with other dance studios, international schools, and event management companies. Each day continues to be a new learning experience as they interact with trained dancers and pick up various dancing techniques from them.

Success Stories

The efforts paid off with their participation in the Indian hip hop championship in 2018, where they cleared auditions in Hyderabad. They have also been the runners up in Dancing Superstar 3, a national level competition. In January 2020, they organised a competition called Dance+ Vizag. With over 200 registrations, they invited the Dynamic Dance Crew from Mumbai to be on the judging panel and followed up the event with a workshop.

With their eyes set on the upcoming Indian hip hop championship, the group from Visakhapatnam continues to promote the unseen talent in the city and give them a platform.

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