Chandrababu Naidu Urged By VCCI To Focus On Soft Skills

chandrababu naidu

Visakhapatnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry is making the state government keener on inducing digital and soft skills training to the youth, making them ready to meet all the challenges in future. Apart from all the developments in technology it is important that they are being equipped with the soft skills as well.

VCCI President, AV Monish Row wrote a letter to the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu stating that India is advancing in technology and the young India believes that digital will improve their job prospects. He also said that in this fast developing era, there is a substantial need for soft skills. Moreover, with the increase in digital, robotics and analytical skills there will be a huge necessity of job marketing skills in the not so distant future. Problem solving, planning, decision making, work ethics and self awareness are few of the very important aspects which will be covered under soft skills training. Having better education, business, better government involvement and clear strategies will be of a major help to the upcoming generations, he added.

He stressed on how other countried are moving to robotics for manufacturing and that we should learn to embrace the same. The AI will only help any workforce do its job better. He also stressed that despite the debate of the impact technology has on our future, a lot of young Indian believe technology is a boon. He concluded saying that AP could lead the way with better education, business, government involvement and clear strategies that will help the generations to come.

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