Delhi based start-up brings you dogs to reduce your depression

start-up brings dogs

The Delhi based start-up, Fur Ball Story, is bringing all of the overwhelming cuteness straight to your doorstep and using it to help people in the city forget about their worries through what’s known as pet therapy. Yes, this start-up brings cute dogs to your doorsteps to make you feel happy and reduce your depression and anxiety levels.

They bring in dogs and puppies that are trained in pet therapy to offices, universities, hospitals and residences and people can pet them, play with them and just be around them. This also reduces the dog fear in people and develops a friendly relation with these flurry four legged animals. Animal-assisted therapy, or pet therapy, is a proven concept which has been employed abroad for a while now. It’s known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain. 

Animesh Katiyar, the founder of the start-up got this idea when his law college in Delhi got two Labrador puppies to help de-stress students and encourage them to attend lectures. He soon came to know that he was on to something brilliant when he noticed that the attendance of the college had increased while the students seemed to be more joyful and the overall college climate was bright and gay.

For those who don’t have a dog, think of the times when you played with your friends dog and how that bought a smile on your face. This start-up is a blessing for all the dog lovers and we hope that every city in India gets a company like this.

Way to go Animesh.

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