5 tried and tested ways of spending a weekend in Vizag

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It’s that time of the week and our energy levels have already started to peak with each passing hour. The weekend is here and as always, many of us haven’t got it sorted yet. Should we go for a long road trip with family or stay home and binge-watch a new series on Netflix? How about making plans and destroying them successfully? Here are 5 tried and tested methods of spending a weekend in Vizag.

#1 The Beach! What else!?

Be it for an early morning walk, an evening chat-session with friends, or even for a lonely stroll during the nights; the Vizag beach can play host to them all. So, as always, push your plushy plans for the next week and go to the beach this weekend.

#2 Cheat day, of course!

With a plethora of new restaurants opening up in Vizag, there’s no shortage of options if you’re looking to put your gluttony to work. And given that it’s the weekend, a cheat day with a little special treat to yourself would certainly do no harm, says the foodie anywhere.

#3 The nearby getaways

Vizag is endowed with rich assembly getaways that offer enriching experiences and come as the perfect getaway options. So sit back, relax and spend these two days on your will as you wish at a dreamy destination nearby.

#4 A temple-tour

Indulge in a bit of history, a whiff of culture, a hint of art and sculpture and most significantly, loads of family time. Indulge in a road-trip with a divine purpose, take a temple tour and rest assured of glories in the following week.

#5 Take it easy, stay home

Given all your understandable rigours and frustrations throughout the week, can anything in this world rescue your soul better than a comfy bed, soft pillow and an endearing blanket? We know the answer. So the weekend is the time to chill, binge-watch movies/TV series, and grab some much-needed rest.

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