Sounds on Sand fills Visakhapatnam with melody and more coming up

sounds on sand

The music festival of Visakhapatnam, Sounds on Sand has started and the air is alive with melody. Here is the schedule and the impressive line up ahead.

Sounds on Sand has started already and if you haven’t been there then there is every reason why you should. The extremely renowned and talented artists will be live in concert at this music festival and it is only for 2 days. People have started coming in early and RK Beach has come alive with music. Entry is free so grab a seat for your favourite who is playing. Don’t miss any of the action cause this is an event like no other.

Here is the schedule, so find out which one of your favourite singers is performing when.

Day 1 Saturday, 11th November 2018

5.00 p.m – Echo & Kairoz

7.00 p.m – Usha Uthup

8.30 p.m – Leslie Lewis

Day 2 Sunday 12th November 2018

7.00 a.m – Ameya Dabli

4.30 p.m – workshops

5.30 p.m – The Vizag Chamber Choir

7.00 p.m – Revanth

8.30 p.m – Mohammed Irfan & Asees Kaur

Now that you have the list, tune in and enjoy!!

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