Smart City Vizag dreams failing with recurrent scams.


Visakhapatnam has everything that would make it a dream smart city. The people’s and state government hopes were building. The image that Vizag has developed after the HudHud is that of a clean, calm and efficient smart city. But are these dreams failing? The efforts are ailing because of the recurrent scams battering the city. Corruption, MedTech and land scams are negating the smart city Vizag idea. The concern is making the CM embark on a different strategy.

Issues: The process of conversion of Vizag into smart city is hitting major road blocks. There is no political administration in the Vizag civic body. Elections are awaited. Corrupt bureaucracy has retarded the conversion and scared investors.

Corruption is rife and officials are detained by ACB every other day. Officials in all departments are being detained for unaccounted for weath.

Land scams and MedTech scams have hit the headlines. Land Scam has disturbed the people here very much and the SIT is widening it’s net everyday.

Instead of happiness in a possible smart Vizag, industrialists and entrepreneurs are disappointed. RINL has showed major loss. Clearing of MoUs is very tardy and lethargy of industries wing have affected partnership summits. The sector is clearly ailing.

The unhappiness with the public service sector is battering Vizag’s dreams of a smart city. The city that bounced back to prove it’s spirit and will is suffering a backlash.



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