This super kid from Vizag needs your support in fulfilling her dream

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A super kid from Vizag needs your support in helping her realise her dream. Smart, active, and extremely active, 5-year-old Rani from Vizag is taking part in this year’s Mini Model contest by ShowOffClicks.

Groomed and taken care of by Icha Foundation, an NGO that works as a lifelong home/shelter for the abandoned children, Rani has grown into a wonder kid. She was brought to Madhu Tugnait, Founder Director for the Icha Foundation, as a grossly underweight baby at an age of a few months. She breathed through her mouth since she practically had no nose because of her cleft lip AND cleft palate. Her right arm ended in a stump well above her elbow. Her left hand went down to her fingers, but all her fingers were stuck to each other.

Doctors advised Madhu to get Rani operated for her cleft lip and palate before she turned one year, on the condition that Rani reaches a minimum weight of 5 kg. At that point, Rani weighed 900 grams and was about 5 months old.

In an effort to add the mandatory weight, Madhu had to set alarms at two-hour intervals through the day and night for the next six months to feed small doses of Cerelac to baby Rani. Madhu’s effort, dedication, and love paid off. Rani touched 6 Kg by the time she celebrated her first birthday. The subsequent surgery allowed her to breathe through her nose and also repaired the cleft. Despite her weak condition, Rani, Madhu says was an inquisitive and active child.

Now, Rani is all set to embrace yet another big step in her life as she gears up for the ShowOffClicks contest. Three participants, who’ll receive the highest number of votes, will walk the ramp with Sushmita Sen. Also, if Rani does end up among the top 3 participants, she’ll be featured in various ads that would fetch her fame and recognition. So, here’s your chance to vote for this super kid from Vizag and, as aforementioned, help her realise her dream of walking the ramp.

To vote for Rani, click here.

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