District Officials To Educate People About RuPay Cards

rupay card

The district officials in the state are getting equipped for the task of educating the public, especially those in the rural areas, on how to use RuPay cards at ATMs and POS machines.

District Collector Pravin Kumar said that the district had 6000 POS machines which were useful to the government’s aim to improve the scale of digital transactions. He pointed out that the two million people living in the rural parts of the district would have to be educated about the RuPay cards.

Right now, the government’s focus is on encouraging and educating self-help groups, NREGS and people with Jan Dhan accounts. Their prime task is to protect the farmers during Kharif season. Farmers growing essential commodities would be protected by ensuring minimum price in the markets. However, non-essential commodities like flowers might take a hit. Reportedly, most of the farmers in the district are into horticulture and not intensive agriculture or seasonal crops.

The members of the agricultural department have been asked to conduct a survey of the non-essential crops being grown in the district. Mobile ATMs will be used all over the rural belt. The district administration is completely dependent on the RBI now for the cash flow.

While it was previously stated that the Rs 500 crore that came into north coastal Andhra yesterday and the Rs 2000 crore sent into the state would majorly be smaller denomination notes, the same did not hold true for Visakhapatnam. The cash our district received held a majority of Rs 2000 notes. In fact, only Rs 25 crore out of the Rs 500 crore were Rs 100 notes, the rest were all Rs 2000 notes.

The new Rs 500 notes are expected to arrive next week and the ATM machines have been configured for loading the notes.

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