Road Widening To Commence in July

Road Widening Anakapalli Anandapuram Highway

The long pending project of widening the stretch between Anakapalli and Anandapuram will most likely commence in July this year. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is reportedly speeding up the process of acquiring lands for the same.

The double road that exists right now will have certain portions developed into a four-lane stretch, while other portions will be developed into six-lane stretches. The road widening is being taken up in a bid to ease the traffic congestion that happens on this stretch. Apart from the 50.6 KM stretch here, the NHAI will also be widening the 13.6 KM stretch between Sabbavaram and Sheelanagar – the port connectivity highway.

The projects will cost NHAI Rs 3000 crore with Rs 700 crore spent for acquiring land alone. Reportedly, 280 hectares of land is required for widening the Anakapalli and Anandapuram stretch. The Deputy Collector-in-charge, Alluri Subbaraju, met with the affected farmers on Monday to discuss and complete the acquisition process. He has also issued a preliminary notification, with the final notification being released in March or April.

The notification being released will have the details of compensation that will be paid for acquiring these lands. The details will include horticulture, forest, farms and other aspects too. Farmers along this stretch have been demanding higher prices than the one they’re being offered as the value of their lands is genuinely high.

After the road is widened, vehicles travelling from Srikakulam to Rajahmundry can be diverted to Anandapuram and will reach Anakapalli without passing through the city. The vehicles from Rajahmundry on the other hand can be diverted from Anakapalli to Anandapuram where the Chennai-Kolkata highway connects.

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