5 things that we need to stop doing at RK Beach in Visakhapatnam

rk beach visakhapatnam

A prized possession of Visakhapatnam, RK Beach, apart from charming us with its timeless beauty, hosts myriad activities by the bay. Be it for spending a rocking evening amid all the lights and festivities or for unwinding at the end of a tiring day, RK Beach has been our go-to place in Visakhapatnam.

However, as the city continues to attract an increasing number of tourists, citizens complain of a few activities that might be tarnishing the popular beach’s image. Here are 5 things that we need to stop doing at RK Beach in Visakhapatnam

#1 Littering the space

Evenly spaced dustbins and tireless GVMC sweepers are outdone but the reckless and lackadaisical attitude of a few citizens who go around littering the beach road area. Wrappers, used water bottles, and discarded plastic material form the trash that can be spotted lying around the beach. It is high time that we act responsibly and do our bit in maintaining RK Beach in a spic and span state, given its prominence in the city.

#2 Polluting the sea

In an extension of the reckless attitude mentioned above, several visitors to the beach can be seen trashing the sea thoughtlessly. The issue is exacerbated given the rising detection of plastic from the sea beds. In fact, a few studies also found sea water in Visakhapatnam to be polluted with large amounts of bacteria. A cause for grave concern among the environmentalists.

#3 Racing on the Beach Road

Late nights at RK Beach generally witness bikers trying to zoom past each other. Apart from putting their lives at great risk, the bikers, with their blaring horns and revving engines, also cause a nuisance to the residents in the area.

#4 Overdoing events

While RK Beach is a preferred choice for many to conduct events, overdoing it has raised a few eyebrows. Flashy lights and clamorous activities end up spoiling the tranquil scene and above certain time, cause a nuisance to those staying by RK Beach in Visakhapatnam.

#5 Over beautifying the Beach Road

The recent few years have seen numerous things adorn the Beach Road. Apparently aimed at “beautifying” this popular tourist spot, these additions though, haven’t been received well by all in Visakhapatnam. A few of the citizens have raised concerns that the natural beauty of the beach is being disrupted, thereby causing RK Beach to lose its original charm.

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