Railway Station security lapse. Are we inviting an attack??

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We live in an era where terrorism and violence are no more of a taboo to talk about. Despite having so much of talk around, it’s no surprise for us since they are frequent. Though we regret and keep safe for a while, we forget until something similar happens again, there is neither any consistent nor permanent solution to address this. A case in point here ids Vizag Railway Station

Good fights Bad, it still doesn’t guarantee for full safety though.

Safety!! The word is closely related to our city Vizag since ages. Nevertheless, there are issues these days where safety is getting provoked. News over the last month upon safety is concern for general public.


Visakhapatnam railway station has been recently voted for being one of the cleanest and modernized railways station in the country. Yes! We all feel proud about it; but things aren’t all perfect. With protection being controvertible post a couple of unfavorable events, safety is at risk.

Reason: Lack of proper vigilance since long for there is no event that disturbed anything. It is not strange for people to get inside the station or out of station finding no metal detectors or scanners in most entrances.
It is not a blame game but rather call to remedy lack of adequate guarding in public places. Point to be noted- things can get worse.

Ask how? There is an answer.

There are two main gates for Visakhapatnam Railway station: The main entrance and the Gnanapuram entrance.

  • Risk through the main entrance – The excellently lit main corridor has three portals beginning from the direct foot bridge near in-gate, the central portal all the way to reservation counter corner entrance.
  • If you observe carefully, there is only one scanning machine near the corner entrance beside enquiry counter. The personnel sitting there would hardly notice for any baggage being scanned or he would just ignore.
  • Sometimes people dodge the scanner to enter directly unnoticed.
  • Now the direct foot bridge entrance and central entrance are free without any proper scanning equipment (though there is one at the central entrance that looks questionable).
  • The direct foot bridge entrance is by far the worst.Absence of luggage or metal detecting frame; and needless to say, people often enter through that particular entrance for ease of mobility considering they are inclined plain paths over sturdy steps.There are just no scanners anywhere through-out this entrance, which irks many for the consequences that might happen if taken an advantage.

    Risk through the Gnanapuram entrance – Here things only get worse.
    The Gnanapuram entrance is a very properly maintained channel with perfectly paved roads, sign boards and dividers. Nothing one can point out as flaw at this entrance. Also there are more cops and security at this place, yet no scanner or metal detector for reasons we really cannot make out.

    If one wants a hassle free entrance into one of the most beautiful railway stations to carry ones objectionable good? This is the place you are supposed to get access through. This sounds funny but it’s not. Authorities need to understand the aftermaths for such sheer negligence at the railway station.

    We fortunately live in a much safer city compared to all others around, but it cannot be taken for granted. Ignorance towards such abysmal defense is a medium for the ill minded to provoke peace.

    There is no denying the fact that Vizag Police are good and supportive in most cases. But to ignore safety in places where the foot count is so high needs action to be taken.

    Anybody can enter such loosely maintained place with anything that isn’t human or peace friendly. It is upto conscious Vizagites to come up with this issue and shed light onto it, there will be arrangements made for sure.


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