Pocket-friendly delights: 8 street food options below Rs 50 in Visakhapatnam

Tomato Bajji held in a plate by a person
Tomato Bajji

We present you a list of select street-food options that can awe you while not being heavy on the pocket in Visakhapatnam.

Pocket-friendly street food options in Visakhapatnam:

#1 Chicken skewers

Tender pieces of chicken are marinated with spicy flavours and barbequed over coal to make for an irresistible street food favourite in Visakhapatnam. Get started with one stick and you wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

Where: Opposite Novotel, Beach Road

Spend: Rs 25 per stick

#2 Vasenapoli

Made with the goodness of millets, Vasenapoli is as healthy as a pocket-friendly option can get. Layer one with a generous amount of ghee, dip into the peanut/ginger chutneys and get gorging to rejuvenate yourself.

Where: Near Sai Baba Temple, East Point Colony (Location may change)

Spend: Rs 50

#3 Kudumu

Pocket-friendly street food in Visakhapatnam: KudumuThe big fat cousin of the good old idli, Kudumu is yet another healthy option on our list. Topped with karam podi and served with three delicious chutneys, this fluffy delight makes for a hearty meal any day.

Where: Kenguva’s Food Point, Seethammadhara

Spend: Rs 20

#4 Punugulu

The list of street food in Visakhapatnam just couldn’t be complete without punugulu, could it? Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, this popular street-snack never disappoints. Served with lip-smacking ginger chutney and finely chopped onions, punugulu can throw your diet plans to a delicious toss.

Where: Opposite LIC building

Spend: Rs 25

#5 Momos

Pocket-friendly street food in Visakhapatnam: MomosSouth Asia’s favourite dumplings come with a local twist in the city. Prepared with vegetable or meat fillings, the momos here are served with a delicious chutney to leave you drooling for more.

Where: Opposite YMCA, RK Beach

Spend: Rs 50

#6 Tomato bajji

A cup-shaped bajji, filled with tangy tomatoes and flavourful muri makes many go weak in the knees at this stall. Made with refreshing flavours, the tomato bajji is a quirky alternative to the muri-mixture.

Where: Near Andhra Bank, Seethammadhara

Spend: Rs 20

#7 Peanut masala

It’s amazing how the friendly muri-mixture seller by the beach can weave magic with just a handful of ingredients. Crunchy peanuts, topped with thinly sliced onions and loaded with the mouth-watering flavours of fresh green chillies, lemon and coriander, the peanut masala is a runaway winner.

Where: Opposite YMCA, Beach road

Spend: Rs 20

#8 ‘Down’ egg noodles

Pocket-friendly street food in Visakhapatnam: Egg NoodlesSoft and spicy, the noodles here are all you could ask for. Served with finely chopped onions, the ‘down noodles’, as they’re fondly known, have a signature flair and are best rejoiced while retiring by the gushing waves of the evening beach.

Where: Rushikonda

Spend: Rs 40

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