4 pocket-friendly ways of enjoying food in Vizag

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Gautam Bhavan - Sweets, Samosas, Jalebis - Vizag

We love our food in Vizag. Be it a packet of Muri Mixture sold on the street side or an authentic meal in a chic restaurant, we gorge upon them all. However, if you’re looking for budget-friendly ways of satisfying your food cravings in Vizag, then here’s the list that’ll give you wings!

#1 Muri Mixture

That typical chatpata, spicy, freshly made muri mixture on the beach can make anyone drool over. Walking on the beach road while munching over a packet of muri-mixture is one of the typical experiences to be had in Vizag.

#2 Samosas and Jalebis at Gautam Bhavan

One must’ve noticed the nondescript shop, near Vizag Central, doling out freshly made samosas and jalebis as the sun sets. Gautam Bhavan was first introduced to the city in 1977. Yet, it is only known to those few who couldn’t care less about the ambience and have an extra special fondness for food.

#3 2 rupees Idli at Seethammapeta

In a small old-fashioned home, tucked away in the congested lanes of Seethammapeta, resides Satyavati, who is famous for offering one idli at just Rs 2! In an age where one plate of idli consisting of 2 idlis generally costs around Rs 30-Rs 40, you can buy one plate of idli consisting 5 idlis, for just Rs 10. Also, the idlis are home-made and come as an ideal choice to kickstart your mornings.

Now that’s not all as the chutney served along is a huge crowd-favourite too! This chutney, made out of coconuts, generally has a fiery spicy flavour to it and would be loved by all the spice-lovers.

#4 Pani Puri at Lawson’s Bay

While many pani puri stalls in Vizag serve the favourite golgappas with the traditional mashed potatoes, this place in the city is one among the few where you can relish them stuffed with piping hot chana chaat. Managed by a couple, this stall is pretty famous among the local residents and is also a popular pani puri spot for many youngsters and college students.

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