5 famous photogenic viewpoints in Visakhapatnam

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We love to click pictures! Nature photographers are especially in for extra advantage in Visakhapatnam, pertaining to its photogenic curves and #NoFilter beauty. Some of the most stunning views that Vizag has to offer are overlooked by these viewpoints:

Lighthouse on Dolphin’s Nose

viewpoint, vizag

The ocean has seen us Vizagites grow, it’s been an integral part of our days and nights. Wondering where you can see the ocean grow? Head to the Lighthouse situated on Dolphin’s Nose. The ocean from here is more expansive than it is from any other point in the city!

VUDA Kailasagiri installation

viewpoint, vizag

Imagine you find yourself in Kailasagiri, near the VUDA KAILASAGIRI inscription. Imagine you happen to turn around. You’d be beholding a remarkable encounter of skyscrapers and trees! A beautiful reminder of man’s coexistence with nature.

Burma Bridge, Kambalakonda

viewpoint, vizag

Here’s one of the viewpoints in Kambalakonda that’s not just breathtaking to the eyes but is equally breath-taking for the lungs. Hung 70 meters above the ground, crossing the bridge is an adrenaline favourite. The view from atop it gets prettier with the increase in thrill and excitement.

Katika waterfalls, Araku

viewpoint, vizag

Under these waterfalls located in Araku, we can guarantee the experience that Mahendra Baahubali experienced under the luscious Athirappilly Falls. Can you guarantee the dance?

Divis beach

viewpoint, vizag

Another one of the viewpoints in Visakhapatnam that is so photogenic, at least one of your friends has taken a picture here (tag him/her in the comments)! Popularly known for its bridge installation, the beach has been used time and again for photo shoots and video shoots by artists in the city.

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