Pawan Kalyan calls out to help the victims of Titli cyclone

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The very severe cyclonic storm Titli, which made a landfall in Andhra Pradesh last week, devastated the district of Srikakulam. Crossing the coastline with a wind speed of 160 kmph, the cyclone threw the public life into jeopardy and caused misery to thousands of individuals. In an effort to resurrect the district to normalcy, JanaSena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan has called out to people to do their bit in spreading awareness on the disaster.

Kalyan, who is currently touring the cyclone-affected areas in Srikakulam, said, “A severe natural calamity has destroyed Srikakulam. Many small villages have been gravely hit by this cyclone and the need of the hour is to make the outside world aware of it.”

Drawing similarities with the recent destruction caused in Kerela, Pawan Kalyan said that the locals are fearing of losing their livelihood. “I request all the Janasainikis and other charity organisations to come forward and help the cause here in Srikakulam. Each one of us must respond in this time of grief and do our bit in helping the victims,” he added.

The JSP Chief also mentioned that no party must look to cash this situation for political benefits and work with a genuine cause of restoring Srikakulam.

JanaSena Party

JanaSena Gives a Call to Help Titli Cyclone Victims in Srikakulam

In addition to claiming numerous lives, Titli also disrupted the civic state of Srikakulam. Numerous electric poles and trees were uprooted by strong winds. Reportedly, the power supply too, to more than 4000 villages was affected in Srikakulam district. The telecommunications networks were also hit in these areas.

Trying to rebuild the lives in these districts, the state government has called out to the public to be a part of its efforts. The public can now lend a helping hand to the flood victims by donating to the flood relief fund.

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