Poor Healthcare In Rural Villages Lead Kidney Patients To Visakhapatnam

Poor Healthcare Kidney Patients Vizag

The lack of proper healthcare facilities in Kalahandi district has led kidney patients to flock to Visakhapatnam. Kidney related diseases are taking a toll on the villagers of Jamunabahal in Bhawanipatna block and Kelia village in Jungarh block. The patients are preferring to get treated at hospitals in Visakhapatnam due to lack of proper healthcare in their district.

32 persons in their village have died of kidney disorders in the last five years and 22 suffer from various deformities. The patients from the district reportedly prefer to come down to Visakhapatnam and be treated here than at the Bhawanipatnam Government Hospital. They put their faith more into the modern facilities available here.

Additional District Magistrate, Chandramani Badnaik visited the village on Sunday and found out the same. The villagers let him know of the problems they face and he asked them to visit Bhawanipatna hospital for the blood tests. The patients all reached the hospital on Monday and submitted their blood samples.

In Kelia village too, 14 persons have perished from kidney-related diseases in the last five years and seven others remain affected. Several other villages in Karlamunda block to suffer from the same.

Chief District Medical Officer Brajakishor Brahma has reportedly stated that four serious cases were reported at the Bhawanipatna Hospital. They were referred to medical colleges and most of the patients prefer coming to Visakhapatnam directly.

The exact cause for their ailments can only be confirmed after the blood test reports come back. The Directorate of Health has been requested for the deputation of a team of experts to visit the affected villages. The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation department has also been asked to test the water in the tubewells at the villages.

Story Credit: The New Indian Express

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