“We are not against the railway zone in Vizag,” says Odisha MP

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Senior MP of Odisha, Prasanna Kumar, has mentioned that Odisha Government has no objection for establishing railway zone in Vizag.

During a Parliamentary meeting conducted on Thursday, the MP mentioned that Vizag city is a beautiful city and we are not against the idea of establishing railway zone in the city.

MP from Srikakulam, Ram Mohan Naidu mentioned that the central government should declare railway zone since there is no objection from Odisha government. The railway officials mentioned that the ministry is looking into the matter.

Earlier, the Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal said that the AP Reorganisation Act does not hold anything about the establishment of a new zone, headquartered in Vizag, but only refers to the study about necessities of such a zone.

Going by the speech of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during his visit to Vizag, the much-awaited railway zone for Andhra Pradesh, with Vizag as its headquarters, seems to be headed towards the right direction. While speaking in the Rajya Sabha weeks back, Rajnath Singh said that the centre would re-examine the committee’s report on the zone, which was “negative”.

The past few months saw many protests and agitations take place across Andhra Pradesh, with state’s leaders exerting pressure on the BJP-led NDA government to fulfill the promises made to during the bifurcation.

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