Visakhapatnam Girl Goes Viral. Social Media Is In Frenzy.

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Three cheers for Visakhapatnam youth… Hip Hip Hooray!!

Never falling short in the talent Department, Visakhapatnam girl makes us proud. Our very own Nikhita Srivalli Malini wows us and her voice is making people falling in love with it. For others it is a wake up call. No matter how it makes us feel, one thing is for sure – You just cannot ignore Her!!

The Song in question is ‘Adiga Adiga’ and it has garnered more than 80,000 views on different social media. But popularity aside, the song has a very sound message for viewers.

‘Life is precious. Must fight depression’

The song explores love and loss and sung with sentiment, Nikhita sings to portray the feelings of a girl who lost her beloved to depression. Visakhapatnam feels with her and the sentiments she lends the piece.

The song featuring in the upcoming movie Ninnu Kori was supposed to be performed by a Male Singer with high bass notes. Undaunted our girl rose to the challenge and lent her voice to the original song. Whats more, the song was chosen as a winner by the movie production company. Remember, this music sensation is only 25 years old.

All this Nikhita did  while teaching music online for Shankar Mahadevan Academy reaching a singing amateurs, fans, enthusiasts across India, US and UK.

Yo!Vizag congratulates and gives major pat on the back for our young songstress. Hope the shine doesn’t dim and you wow us further still.

Have a look for yourself.

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