New Emoji’s All Set To Release On WhatsApp

The era of emojis has changed the definition of word to word conversations. The use of emojis has established a new language of its own.  Whether it’s putting an end to boring conversations or expressing feelings ranging from anger to hunger and everything in between, emoji have always come to our rescue.

So this is a lucky chance for the Santa, he gets company of Mother Christmas and the dancing girl is going to be joined by the dancing boy, there is the sneezing face to showcase specified sickness, while making passive-aggressive statements will get a whole lot easier with the black heart and face palm emojis. The handshake emoji for formal meetings has been created and a whole lot of new sport emojis are flooding. Not to forget, bringing back the nostalgic old Vespa scooter as an emoji and also adding to Indian spice, a shallow pan of some chicken biryani for the desi style food, we should really say WhatsApp is nailing it, all over again.

So while you prepare yourselves to expand your digital vocabulary, scroll through the new additions, to decide what Emoji you are going to be obsessed with next.

Brace yourself for the release of the new level of emojis on the 21st of this month!

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