Nehru Bazaar or a Shopping Complex?

Nehru Bazaar Vizag

The grapevine has it that Nehru Bazaar may soon be demolished and give way to a shopping complex. With 200 shops spread out in this bazaar that’s located in Dwaraka Nagar, shopkeepers are however unsure of how things will pan out and where they would go in case the inevitable happens. ‘A couple of weeks ago we were told to relocate and the officials said that this structure would be demolished’, shared one of the vendors at the vegetable market. Another shopkeeper added that following this announcement, a few of the shopkeepers moved out of the area. However, some feel that the bazaar may stand. ‘Day before yesterday the GVMC Commissioner M Harinarayanan, came here and said that the structure was strong and sound. It only needed repair as two pillars inside have given way due to lack of maintenance. Also, a part of the entrance has given way and would be restored.’

With talks of this being a move towards making Vizag an ODF (Open Defecation Free) city, most people here are however not sure of what’s in store for them. While the commissioner has said that Nehru Bazaar is structurally sound and will be improved infrastructure-wise, the talks of demolishing it have been as rampant, and prevalent since the past many years. Also with 200 shops, 80% of the shopkeepers have no say and nowhere to go if the structure comes down.

This bazaar has been a part of our city’s history when it was established in March 1972, with the shops given to refugees from Burma at no cost. However, with time, locals set up shop too and today over 65 pukka shutter shops and approximately 40 tin roofed stalls can be found in this market. Today this bazaar is abuzz with activity at all hours of the day. Though the walls are in need of paint and structural repairs are much needed at some sections, it accommodates many vegetable and meat vendors, a couple of grocery stores, and flour mills and oil and spice vendors too. It also accommodates the well-known shop of Masetty & Sons, a second hand furniture shop started by Masetty Narsaiah 25 years ago, which is today operated by his sons.

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