Latest fashion tips for men to deal with the Vizag summer

latest fashion for men

We all know how difficult it becomes to bare the Indian summer in the month of May and June and staying indoors simply isn’t an option. So if we are going to face the summer, why not do it with the latest fashion trends?

Following latest fashion trends in summers is difficult as we obviously do not want to burden our body with heavy clothes and dark colours. Options of jackets and cardigans are flush out of our minds and all we left with are shirts and t-shirts.

This article will help you to dress appropriate [rather awesome] in the so called ‘Vizag Summer’ while staying light and cool. Follow the tips given below to look your best and turn heads.

Shift to chinos and avoid jeans. Jeans definitely looks amazing but the fabric in chinos allows the skin to breathe and is also more comfortable. Stock your wardrobe with different coloured chinos to pair them with printed shirts and plain t-shirts. Throw on a cap or sunglasses and wear light coloured casual shoes.

Say no to jackets. Have mercy on your body and avoid making people laugh at you, try and stay light. If it is party or a social gathering, put on a printed shirt along with formal pants or chinos. Wear formal shoes that compliment the shirt and also try jewellery if that’s your thing.

Ganji’s and tank tees are a big YES. Throw on a tank tee while going to movies or to buy groceries. Pair it with shorts or ripped jeans. Compliment your attire with flip flops and shades. Try bands and metallic bracelets if you like.

Striped and printed t-shirts come to rescue all the time. These go with chinos and jeans and can be worn to casual and semi formal places. Pair them with white sneakers or black/brown casual shoes. Caps and hats can be considered as an option too.

Beard lovers may hate us but it’s always advised to go clean shaven in summers. Keep your face light and itch free. If at all you are an immense beard lover and cannot go clean shaven, wash your beard daily and use good beard cleaning products available in the market. Not to forget, beard cologne is also a thing.

Cologne is the most important part of a man’s attire and choosing a good one is very important. Go for a light musk perfume or choose one a heady one according to your liking. Hugo Boss, Zara for men, Body Shop Musk and 212 are well known for lasting long.


PRO TIP: Take body grooming seriously as sweat and dirt can make you stink real bad.

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