Locals in Visakhapatnam stage protest over water scarcity

water scarcity visakhapatnam
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Residents of Bhagat Singh Nagar, near Arilova, staged a protest on Wednesday demanding the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) to resolve their water woes. The residents marched in protest to the GVMC ward office with empty vessels to express their dissent and frustration over water scarcity.

The community, of around 150 families, has been facing acute water shortage. The water sources supplying to these areas have gone dry this summer. Most of the residents are engaged in manual and labour work. The residents alleged to having to wait the entire day for the water supply to meet their needs.

The President of the Bhagat Singh Nagar Residents Welfare Association P. Verraju stated that with such an acute shortage of water, the least GVMC authorities can do is to send a water tanker to their area once a day. He also threatened to storm the office if a solution is not worked out over the next few days. Reportedly, many areas surrounding Arilova receive water from the GVMC only on alternate days.

The soaring temperatures this summer have exacerbated water scarcity in Visakhapatnam. With many areas getting selectively timed water supply, one can only hope that the rains arrive soon.

Source: Times of India

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