Lions Club initiates ‘Wall of Kindness’ in Visakhapatnam

wall of kindness, visakhapatnam

Lions Club, Visakhapatnam, has taken a leap forward in helping the needy in the city. Initiating ‘Wall of Kindness’, the Club has now brought in a facility where the privileged ones can donate items to the needy. The wall was inaugurated on Wednesday (19 June), by past district governor Lion Prof Durgaparasad Rao at the Lions Club premises, Ramnagar, Vizag.

‘Wall of Kindness’ is located outside the Lions Club in Visakhapatnam and is accessible to the citizens all round the clock. Citizens can share their clothes, books, utensils, toys and other worthy items that are in high-grade quality at the wall where people come and pick up an item they need. As of now, many members have already come forward and donated many items. The donated items are in undamaged and can serve the need of the underprivileged ones.

As per the Lions Club, this generous step will not only serve the purpose of sharing but also safeguard the self-respect of needful people as they can just pick up whatever they want without asking or being questioned.

Ln KV Rao (President of Lions Club), Kishore Gupta (Secretary of Lions Club), Sonia Chopra Jain (Project Director of Lions Club), Sarada Prabhakar (Coordinator of Lions Club) urged the citizens of Vizag to share wholeheartedly and also direct the poor and needy to the newly inaugurated wall.

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