Here is how you can buy a life insurance plan with guaranteed returns

life insurance plans
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We all like to be prepared for the future. Life can throw us challenges and curveballs at the unlikeliest of times. No one can deny the fact that we do everything in our capacity to minimise the impact that uncertainties can have on our life. As responsible individuals, we aspire to not only secure a financially robust life for our loved ones but also ensure a steady income for them. A policy of life insurance with guaranteed returns will help you to fulfill this responsibility efficiently. Therefore, it would be worth investing in a life insurance plan that offers guaranteed benefits along with the flexibility to choose your investment horizon.

A pure protection plan in the form of term insurance will only provide your loved ones with a financial cushion to fall back on in times of need. However, it may not serve the purpose of giving you assured or guaranteed returns. If that is your goal, you can go for one of the following plans that combine the components of insurance and investment:

Endowment Plans and Money Back plans

These are the traditional plans that provide you with the sum assured and a guaranteed or vested bonus at the time of maturity, in addition to tax planning and insurance cover.

If you are looking for a tax saving whole life insurance with guaranteed returns in the form of a lump sum payout along with potential upside through bonuses and cover till 100 years of age, you should opt for a plan like the Future Generali New Saral Anand that gives you a lump sum payout equal to 100% of the sum assured, any declared compounded reversionary bonuses plus any terminal bonus, all under the maturity benefit.

There are similar schemes available that extend multiple benefits in the form of payouts. Some Plans bring you the trinity of guaranteed returns. Under a life cover that lasts till 80 years of age, you get a lump sum of 100% of the sum assured, or your beneficiary gets the same in the event of your unfortunate demise before reaching that age. Additionally, you receive a fixed amount of money for 5 consecutive years after you finish paying all your premiums. Finally, there’s a maturity benefit that equals 50% of the sum assured along with any declared compounded reversionary bonuses plus any terminal bonus. Since it features pay-outs at regular intervals, such a money-back plan can also help you reach the milestone, act as additional income, or even as an investable surplus for your business venture. Go ahead and be assured of receiving your money back under this life insurance plan.

Unit Linked Investment Plans

These life insurance plans offer systematic market-linked returns to serve your goals of wealth creation, along with a life insurance cover. If you opt for a robust plan like the Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan, you also get other complimentary benefits like the option to switch funds, loyalty additions to your units and the flexibility to withdraw partial sums of money 5 years after buying the policy.

Annuity/Pension/Retirement Plans

Pension plans are designed specifically to cater to your retirement needs and you can choose from an array of such solutions – under a deferred annuity plan you receive regular income after a few years, whereas in an immediate annuity life insurance you get the benefit in the form of regular income throughout your life. Effectively, these help you create a savings corpus for your retirement years and therefore bring guaranteed returns. Under the Future Generali Pension Guarantee Plan, you also receive a minimum return of 101% of all premiums paid at maturity and additionally, bonuses, if declared, are added throughout the policy term. If you like a cash flow instead, opt for Future Generali Immediate Annuity Plan that comes with the flexibility to choose a monthly or yearly payout mode. The policy offers an annuity card that ensures convenience in receiving the annuity amount.

The insurance market is ripe for life insurance plans that guarantee your returns, whether regular payouts or maturity benefits throughout the life of the policy and beyond. Choose the one that matches your needs and choose wisely!

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