Pawan Kalyan meets famous social activist CS Rao in Vizag

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Credits: Twitter/Pawan Kalyan

President of JanaSena Party and actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan, has visited Chaganti Sundara Rao (CS Rao), a social activist who is receiving treatment at the Care Hospital in Vizag on Wednesday.

CS Rao is widely known for the struggle against the idea of a multi-storied complex on old jail land.

All that CS Rao was armed back then with was a few, but well-taken photographs by the late Ambuji Rao and a humble plea, with which he approached the High Court bench…“I am from Visakhapatnam; I owe a duty, a debt of gratitude to the people of Visakhapatnam. This town is becoming a death trap because of its air pollution. Till date, this green land came handy for us and therefore I want your Lordship to protect this lung-space”. His simple earnest plea won the judge and today, the erstwhile jail in the heart of Vizag city is now earmarked to be a verdant park, protecting the 100-year old trees and the greenery. This retired IES (Indian Economic Services) officer spearheaded the move to thwart the commercialization of the green pocket – the old jail premises, paving the way for the creation of a park and ensuring lung space in one the busiest and most polluted junctions – his gift to Vizagites. It all started when CS Rao saw an article in the daily papers titled ‘multi-storied complex likely on old jail land’ in 2003. Spurred into action, he approached like-minded people, launched the ‘Praja Spandana’ and created a ruckus – first with the local governing body. When that failed, he faxed a letter to the High Court – which was treated and docketed as a PIL. The rest is history. But then sitting idle and watching the ‘world go by’ was never his strong point… Sri C S Rao is a man who believes in action.

The JanaSena Chief has taken to the social media regarding his meet with the social activist CS Rao at the hospital.

“He’s a great champion defending the fundamental rights of people. His Love & passion for the well-being of the country & Uttarandhra deeply moved me even at this ripe old age of 92 from the hospital bed. I truly wish ‘Sri Chaganti Sundar Rao garu to recover soon”, Pawan Kalyan Posted on Twitter.

As part of the Praja Porata Yatra, Pawan Kalyan would be attending a meeting at Kalavahini Port Stadium in Vizag, Ukku Nirvasothula meet in Gajuwaka and Gajuwaka Public meeting in Old Gajuwaka on Thursday.

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