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IPL, which stands for Indian Premier League is a unique form of cricket introduced by BCCI in early 2008. Today it has garnered so much attention for its versatile team selection criteria and revenue generation statistics.

It all started in 2003 when England and Wales Cricket Board introduced Twenty 20 to increase the attendance of spectators resulting to its considerable reduction in match time. The general form of Cricket was of long durations; the viewers could hardly spare any time for they had works to do. This resulted in loss of revenue and withdrawal of attention from youngsters into opting cricket hence the need for a less time consuming game.

Following this change of form, the stunning rise in cricket lovers and revenue was noticeable. The T20 was therefore a more explosive form of cricket. BCCI in India hence decided to promote this idea and founded Indian Premier League in 2007. The game had major cities participate with each other. The difference was, it was not a local team tournament. It had international players each from a different nation playing in one team to compete with other in-house teams. IPL got so popular; it changed the outlook of Cricket in 21st century.

IPL even after being short game generated revenue no other usual form of Cricket ever made. The audience loved it more than any other game. It was loved and accepted through the lengths and breadths of the country.

But there are always two sides to a story and IPL is no different. Read on to know more.

The IPL came with its own good and bad. Following are the disadvantages and advantages.

Disadvantages of IPL:

  • Ever since it was introduced, celebrities and businessmen started buying teams turning this into commercial catch more than mere love for cricket
  • The prize money was so high compared to general Cricket; players wished to play for it more than anything.
  • The traditional form of cricket lost its charm with the arrival of IPL.

Having said so, IPL has more advantages to disadvantages.

Advantages of IPL:

  • The major advantage is, Players in the domestic circuit get a break to show up on an international platform.
  • The revenues are so high; economy is impacted in a good way.
  • Since the game is played during April and May months, the players, sponsors, advertisers, channel TRP’s etc. get a hike in their income. Also the cities that organize it are hugely benefited.
  • Grounds that once looked pathetic got back to mint conditions, thanks to IPL.
  • Since the game form is much aggressive, it required much strength, energy, athleticism and endurance hence raising the bars in fitness for every player.
  • Even the non cricket lovers loved watching it.

Let alone the good and bad, IPL is definitely a reason we love cricket today.

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