International Day for Tribals today. Celebrate at 5 tribal destinations around Vizag.


Andhra Pradesh is rich in the population and diversity of adivasi population. Today, august 9th, marks International Day of Indigenous People. In other words today is International Tribal/Adivasi Day. Within India, the tribals found in Andhra Pradesh are better off both economically and technologically. The Government does much to uplift them. Health care, education, local artisan betterment etc are various initiatives.

This International Tribal Day we look at the tribal places in and around Vizag where we can meet and greet the locals. It is very doable given that East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts are populous with them. The mountains, forests and valleys are beautiful testimony to their heritage.

Araku: an obvious first choice is Araku valley which is a drive away from Vizag. The Eastern Ghats are home to friendly tribal communities. Visit the museum dedicated to them, their crafts etc  and watch them sing and dance and make you come alive. You will find joy in their way of living and be invited to enjoy their hospitality. The lush greenery, waterfalls, streams and Borra Caves is a bonus.

Lamasingi: A dream land not far away Lamasingi is a sirens call for the nature lover and the tribal history enthusiast. Find here numerous tribal populations living in their natural habitat. It is a joy and wonder to behold. Called the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, this place is just 100 kms away from us.

Guntur: An interesting place for an interesting people. Guntur is home to the Chenchu tribe which is one of the most self-sufficient tribes of India. Hunters, farmers and barterers, Chechus live close to nature. They worship the Forest Goddess and are a close knit community.

Vizianagaram: Home to the Savara tribe, Vizianagarm district as well as the neighboring Srikakulam district have quite a concentration of tribal population. Today as a part of the International Tribal Day, ITDP is conducting a cultural fest there. Club your visit to Vizianagaram for enjoying local sight seeing as well as bonding with the local Tribal populace. You will find homes of Savara tribesmen, designed for joint families. They are aggressively loyal kinsmen.

Maredumilli: This is one of the best places to visit for a nature lover who wants to explore the tribal way of life.. With hills around, Maredumilli is located inside a jungle and is located on the riverside. Head her for more than just tribal journey. Enjoy camping and picnic and the lovely waterfalls.

Go on celebrate today if you can and in near future if you cannot. It will widen your horizons about an alternative lifestyle. Satiate your wanderlust craving too.

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