Can Vizag have this list of INTERNATIONAL eateries please?


Vizag has largely spread in the last 3 years in the name of development and will surely spread more as our city is soon to become a Smart City. Since the maximum population of Vizag lives in urban areas, we need more eateries that have their branches all over India {except Vizag…duhh}. It’s high time that Vizag welcomes these international chains of restaurants and coffee shops. This will not only add a twist to our eating habits but will also help the city to grow economically. So here is list of all the places we want in Vizag ASAP.


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This international chain of coffee shop is spread world-wide and metro cities in India already enjoy the amazing coffee and frappes the cafe has to offer. The cult coffee shop that has instagram addicts go nuts clicking selfies is not in Vizag and we don’t know why.


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Taco bell – the worldwide Mexican snack favorite, has not graced the shores of Vizag yet. Doesn’t the ‘janta’ of Vizag deserve it?

PLAYBOY [club]

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The most fashionable chain of pubs – ‘PLAYBOY’, has become the check-in status of the Indian party animal while the party animal of Vizagites is still waiting. When do we get to check-in huh?


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The super awesome coffee house chain serving amazing donuts is missing on the lands of Vizag and we wonder why! How long before we enjoy these treats in Vizag? Our FB timeline needs something different OKAY.


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The global chain of hamburger fast food restaurant is spoiling Indians with its outlets in many cities. Vizagites surely deserve to be spoilt with delicious burgers and drinks. Don’t you wanna take selfies with the paper crowns on?


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This international themed chain of restaurants which carries the rock and roll culture has been a FAV spot for party hunters in India. With more and more of party going crowd, Vizag should have an outlet for Hard Rock soon.


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The largest chain of take-out and pizza delivery chain in the world is yet to come to the City of Destiny and we wonder why. Visakhapatnam needs one outlet soon because we all know, Pizza is love.

So Vizag, what do you think of this list! Also, McDonald’s is on the verge to open soon so…YAY.

Let us know if any add ups are to be made.

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