India’s First Supermodel – Milind Soman


With a release up his sleeve from a role in Bajirao Mastani, Yo! Vizag caught up with India’s first supermodel, Milind Soman. A man of many talents, the fitness enthusiast was in the city as the brand ambassador of a Pinkathon initiative – Vizag Going Pink.

What running actually does is it inspires you to explore yourselves- mind, motion, spirituality, and body.

You constantly learn something new about yourself that ultimately helps you relate to the world and push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. You don’t just run with your feet or knees, you run with your whole body. It is like a dance. Sometimes I run, cycle, depending on my mood. I do whatever feels right and gives me satisfaction.

Not too long ago I started running barefoot just to explore the natural way to run.

Physically as a runner it really changed my style to make it more efficient because your feet have a lot of nerve entries and when the foot touches the ground, it sends a lot of signals to the whole body. Emotionally, it made me a lot calmer.

This whole philosophy of people inspiring others is strong.

I believe that it’s more effective to inspire people by setting an example than merely motivating them with words. Today, the focus is on women communities.

Vizag is a beautiful place.

Having been in the city for four days, I started running on the Beach Road from The Park to YMCA. It is a lot quieter than the other small cities that I have been to.