Indian Railways might soon discontinue provisions of blankets in AC compartments.

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Indian Railways have innumerable complaints piled up against them. Most of these are from indignant passengers who oppose the facilities on board. But then it is true to a large extent. The cleaning of bathrooms, quality of food and rodents are some points.

Major complaint: Dirty blankets. Soiled blankets. We have encountered these at some point for sure. To address these, Indian Railways plans to discontinue them. The passenger complaints are to be addressed alternatively.

The plan: The project wants to target the criticism by audit reports on cleanliness and hygiene.

  • The plan is to maintain temperatures at 24 degrees Celsius. This will ensure passengers can do without blankets. This is a trial run on some trains, not all.
  • The move to discontinue blankets is economical as per officials. The cost of cleaning the bed roll is Rs. 55 while the passengers are charged Rs.22.
  • The current railway guidelines require blankets to be cleaned every 1-2 months. Practically, the cleaning and changing happens even less. Thus, the incessant complaints about it. The present plan will render the micro-management of laundry redundant.
  • The project will continue the test for disposable bed roll scheme started last year.
  • As per the scheme passengers with confirmed tickets can book disposable bed rolls.
  • The bed rolls could be booked on the IRCTC website or at the counters in the station.
  • Type 1 kit: Two cotton bedsheets and a pillow for Rs.140.
  • Type 2 kit has a blanket for Rs.110.
  • These can be taken by the passengers after their journey is over.

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