Road accidents cause a big worry in Visakhapatnam

road accidents, visakhapatnam
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The past few months have witnessed an increased incidence of deadly road accidents in Visakhapatnam. Claiming lives and injuring numerous individuals, these accidents have left the citizens here with plenty to worry about.

October has reported a worrying trend. As compared to the 50 deaths that were reported in the road accidents last October, as many as 118 people lost their lives in the road mishaps in this year’s October.

While road accidents take place in the interior areas of Visakhapatnam as well, it is the National Highway where the majority of the mishaps are being reported at. Reportedly, 40% of the road accidents in Visakhapatnam district, are caused on the National Highways. Furthermore, 38% of the total deceased are reported to be involved in a road accident taking place on the National Highway.

As per some recently revealed figures, the number of road accidents has gone up to 1885 from last year’s 1855. While the number of deaths too, has surged to 584 from 551, the number of those injured in the accidents has gone down to 1850 from that of 2025 during last year*.

The trends continue to be bothersome despite the many awareness campaigns and safety measures brought into effect by the concerned departments.

*stats from January to October in 2017 and 2018

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