IIM Visakhapatnam partners with IIM Bengaluru for women’s start up boost

IIM Visakhapatnam
IIM Visakhapatnam

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Visakhapatnam is partnering with IIM Bengaluru for giving a boost to women’s start up businesses.

A ground breaking venture that will no doubt have a long run positive impact, the partnership is aimed at facilitating a trained and prepared new generation of women entrepreneurs. Start up businesses and ventures is the target of IIM Visakhapatnam and IIM Bengaluru collaborating for a focused online and classroom training programme. The MoU for this has been signed already and a 6000 sq.ft area has been allotted next to the IIM Visakhapatnam facility in Andhar University grounds. The Dept. of Science and Technology is giving support for the programme.

IIM Bengaluru is lending support with the training, material and infrastructure for the women’s start up venture. The institute has already extended the programme for 15 women in the city and wants to partner with other IIMs to take the count up to 100. After necessary formalities, IIM will release an advertisement for the same. Women with a mind to become entrepreneurs with their start up plans will go ahead for a 5 week online course. They get an opportunity to test their ideas and expertise.

Out of those registering, a few will be selected for going ahead for the start up boot camp and this will be followed by a presentation of the plans before an expert panel of judges. The best ideas will be taken ahead for a start up incubation of 1 year. Apart from expertise and assistance this will be a good opportunity for the women to get industry exposure and chance to interact with other start up communities and venture capitalists.

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