Discovering the gems of Hyderabad with a self drive exploration

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Hyderabad Old City

Hyderabad showcases its layered history at the most unexpected of places. It is a city that boasts culture and is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan in the Southern region. As Hyderabad continuously expands, getting around has become increasingly tricky. Dependence on public transport and cab services will eat into the busy traveller’s wallet and time. This is a major reason why informed customers are choosing self drive cabs in Hyderabad for a better and more convenient travelling experience.

Hyderabad’s Main Attractions

Whether it is Banjara Hills or Gachibowli, Hyderabad is blessed with many large residential and commercial areas. Driving around the city in a rental car is the best way to enjoy the different sights and sounds, and of course, flavours of the city. The Hussein Sagar Lake is like a giant pearl around which expansive neighbourhoods have cropped up. A drive on the periphery of the lake in the evening is always a pleasure.

In a self drive car, travellers can drive over to the Golconda Fort, the medieval seat of power for one of Hyderabad’s most famous ruling dynasties. The region around the fort was a famous diamond producing area, and it is believed that the famous Kohinoor diamond was found here. One can spend an entire day exploring the ramparts of this fort. Highlights include the Ibrahim Mosque and hilltop Baradari building. Architecture and history aficionados will enjoy a visit to this fort, which is a 15-km drive from the city centre.

Cuisine of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city that takes pride in its food. The biryani here is considered to be one of the best, and some of the most iconic eateries include Paradise, Hyderabad House and what many consider the local secret, Cafe Bahar. When driving around Telangana’s capital, stop at a local bakery and enjoy some hot sweet tea with an Osmania biscuit for the quintessential Hyderabadi experience. Haleem is another speciality of the city. Those who love spices will find no dearth of quality restaurants that serve Andhra cuisine.

Security at All Times

Whether the trip is for business or leisure purpose, security is one of the most important prerequisites of a transit option. A self drive cab gives the driver complete privacy – ideal for those travelling solo or with family. One who lands in Hyderabad can pick up a rental at the airport and enjoy the luxuries and privileges of a car owner throughout the entire trip. Late night errands and meetings or trips to secluded outskirts become less of an inconvenience with a car at one’s disposal at all time. Rental companies like Zoomcar have a 24/7 support feature, and the cars are GPS-enabled, adding a layer of security that no other transport option can deliver.

It is really easy to find an affordable self drive taxi service in Hyderabad. One can book a car upon landing at the airport or use an app to get one in the city. Hyderabad is a city that blends the old and the new in perfect harmony. From the glitter of the tech parks to the timeless allure of the Charminar, there is much to see here. With a self drive car, one can do it with total freedom and comfort.

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