Two men who misbehaved with a flight attendant in Hyderabad made to catch her feet in return

flight attendant, hyderabad
screenshot from the video

The video showing a man touching the feet of a flight attendant in Hyderabad for, allegedly, harassing her, has gone viral on social media.

The man is seen repeatedly apologising to the woman for misbehaving with her. The flight attendant, on the other hand, stands her ground firmly and makes it clear that she won’t forgive him until he pleads guilty by touching her feet.

Watch this video posted by The News Minute

The accused, who have been identified as Bharat and his brother Kalyan, reportedly, made some derogatory comments on the flight attendant in the parking lot of Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad. The woman, who was understandably irked by these comments, informed the Traffic Police standing nearby. The two men were subsequently taken to the police station at the airport. Fearing the consequences, both the accused repeatedly pleaded the woman to let them go, after which she restrained from filing a complaint against them. It has been informed that there has been no complaint filed against the duo, who were detained at the police station for a few hours.

The News Minute quoted RGIA Inspector M Mahesh saying, “The incident took place in the parking area, where the duo picked up some argument. The traffic police on duty quickly nabbed them after the air hostess alerted them. We didn’t file any case (of harassment), as the air hostess didn’t approach us. But, after hearing about the incident we have filed a nuisance case against them.”

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