Soul Delhi – Dil Se Dilli!

Delhi’s cafés are well-known for their offbeat ambience, great food and electric atmosphere. We bring you a new eatery – Soul Delhi that lives up to its name.

The Setting
Cosy and quirky are the words that first pop into one’s mind when they step into Soul Delhi. With the harsh sunlight blocked out by blinds, the restaurant’s ambience brings to mind the cafés Delhi seems to be filled with. Newspaper print covers every surface that meets the eye – everything from the chairs and sofas to glass walls are covered in print, proclaiming random headlines. The walls are a textured creamy white offering a stark contrast to the charcoal coloured ceilings. Light bulbs in cages hang from the ceiling, lending the place a retro feel. Vintage trunks line up on a shelf, while brass and dark leather chairs accompany the wooden tables.

The Fare
The 3300 sq ft restaurant that seats 108 serves authentic Indian and Oriental food. The uniqueness of this restaurant lies in the fact that they make sure to separate the utensils they cook vegetarian and non vegetarian food in. Blue pans are used to cook vegetarian dishes and red pans for non vegetarian ones. The menu talks of dishes like Dudhiya Kalmiya, Sakora Murgh, Vilayati Sabzi Desi Tadka and Beeda ka Saalan. Every scrumptious street food you wish you could transport yourself to Delhi for; can be found at Soul Delhi. Round off your meal with a mouth-watering Zaffrani Phirni or Darsaan and you’re good to go.

Yo! Recommends
Team up your Cheese Chilli Garlic Naan or Khushka with some delectable Chicken Khaas E Makhaan or the humorous sounding Paneer Balle Balle.
Timings: All Day Dining
Address: Varun Park, 3rd Floor, above Nexa Showroom, Dasapalla Hills
Contact. 0891-6664244

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