Traders Ply Organic Colour For Holi This Year

Organic Colours Holi Vizag Poorna MArket

There have been repeated instructions from authorities to avoid sale and use of chemical colours during Holi, due to their harmful effects. Finally, the traders in the city seem to have gotten on-board, with many shops at Poorna Market procuring organic colours from neighbouring states.

The shopkeepers in the city plan on promotion of organic colours this year for Holi. Reportedly, the traders stated that more than the regulations, it is the growing preference of people in the city that has steered their decision. The inclination of Vizagites to use eco-friendly colours has caused them to take the decision to get on board too.

Organic colours are made from extracts of flowers, barks, roots, trees, and are any colour that are devoid of chemicals. They are safer for the skin, leaving minimal stains too. Chemical colours on the other hand contain oxidised metals or industrial dyes that are mixed with engine oil and powered glass to make the colours shine. They cause eye allergies, skin allergies and sometimes even blindness.

The procurement of chemical colours has reportedly almost stopped in the city. But some vendors still ply the chemical colours; as eco-friendly colours cost more – standing at 10% more than the chemical dyes and certain customers still prefer to spend less. The ongoing intermediate exams has also reportedly had an effect on the sale of colours.

But natural colours are selling better this year than chemical ones, unlike last year when the sale for them was less.

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