5 unique things about Gajuwaka in Visakhapatnam

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Gajuwaka, in Visakhapatnam, is a bustling suburb of Visakhapatnam and is famous for many things. From being a shopping hub to hosting a flutter of other commercial activities, Gajuwaka stands pretty special on several fronts. Gajuwaka in Visakhapatnam is a perfect example of a locality which was completely transformed with the establishment of various industries in its proximity. Let us have a look at 5 unique things of Gajuwaka.

#1 An array of shops and shopping malls

Gajuwaka is rightly known as one of the biggest ‘shopping districts’ in Andhra Pradesh. The locality began as a residential area, had malls and shops started coming up in a few years, it soon transformed into a shopping hub, having a gamut of offerings in store.

#2 Proximity to many industries

This can be considered as both, a boon and a bane to the people residing in Gajuwaka. It’s a boon to those people who work in the industries while it can be a bane to the locals as the industries may cause pollution.

#3 High incomes

A study in the year 2016 showed that Gajuwaka mandal had the highest per capita income in Andhra Pradesh! It had pipped Visakhapatnam Urban and Visakhapatnam Rural to attain the top spot. A reflection of the hardworking nature of the residents of Gajuwaka and their entrepreneurial spirit, which is why it is home to many thriving businesses.

#4 Perennial traffic chaos

Thanks to the numerous retail outlets and malls dotting Gajuwaka, it now has the dubious distinction of having the highest traffic on its landscape. It’s very difficult to tackle the enormous traffic, especially on evenings and weekends, when people throng to Gajuwaka for shopping, movies and eating out.

#5 Communal harmony and secularism

The cosmopolitanism and secularism of the area can be seen in the rest of the neighborhoods of Visakhapatnam as well. But it’s much more in Gajuwaka owing to employees of industries, from different parts of the country settling here. All festivals are celebrated with a lot of fervor here. Many sacred summits co-exist peacefully and showcase the secularism of this area.

The article has been contributed by Debabrata Malik.
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